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Cheryl Susman ADHD Coaching offers services in the Chicagoland area and Northern Suburbs in person, and all over the US and internationally by phone and virtually

How Do We Start?

Step 1 is an ADHD Strategy Assessment

Why start with an ADHD Strategy Assessment?

Parents and Adults living with ADHD can self-diagnose and enroll in a coaching program or a one-time session, but to make sure you get maximum value in the shortest amount of time, I recommend an ADHD Strategy Assessment. This private assessment helps identify what you REALLY need so you don’t waste money and time.

First, you schedule a session online or by calling my office to book at time at 847-757-8780.

Once our meeting date and time is confirmed you receive a confirmation by email with a few questions to consider before our meeting. These questions will help you prepare for our first meeting.

NOTE:  If after the assessment we decide to work together, the fee will be applied toward any program you choose, even if it is only another one-time session.

Coaching Services Offered Include:

Our ADHD Coaching Chaos to Clarity Session, which is an evaluative session where we identify the strengths, challenges and opportunities of your current situation. This 60-minute meeting will uncover the key information to determine your options for success.

It’s important to understand that this meeting is not a strategy meeting, but a meeting to discover ways to get your situation into shape, and identify a list of improvements to set you up for success.

ADHD Coaching Chaos to Clarity Session, can be a stand-alone session, or it you can apply it toward any ADHD Coaching program that’s the best fit for you.

Totally. Risk. Free. If we decide to work together, fees for the ADHD Coaching Chaos to Clarity session will be applicable toward any Coaching Program.

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Introductory: Motivate and Make it Happen
Organize, Optimize and Take Charge Now
Make it Stick, Maintain and Stay on Track

3 Sessions
Must Be Used Within 2 Months
8 Sessions
Must Be Used Within 4 Months
12 Sessions
Must Be Used Within 6 Months
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Non-judgmental, Targeted Personalized Support and Guidance
ADHD Strategy Assessment ($85)
Realistic Strategies and Tools you can use Now
ADHD Coaching Chaos to Clarity Session ($175)
Subscription to "Collected Wisdom" Tips
Unlimited Email and Voicemail Check-ins
Values and Needs Assessment
Optional and Confidential Audio Recording of each session
Resources and Guides for Greater Effectiveness and Productivity
Follow-Up Notes for Accountability
Two 10-minute Laser Coaching Calls per Month, Optional for extra encouragement
One Complimentary Tune-Up Session within Two-months Completion of Program
Total Program Values:
Program Price
Paid in full
(or $225/mo for two Months)
Paid in full
(or $275/mo for four Months), includes one free session paid in full
Paid in full
(or $250/mo for six Months), includes two free sessions paid in full


  • All major credit cards are accepted, including online bank payments.

Not Sure Which Program is Right For You?


Motivate and Make it Happen Program is perfect for you if:

  • You need to pave the way to make the change you want
  • You want to tap into what motivates you or your child to bring out the best in you
  • You need personalized action steps to get there that reinforce your unique strengths
  • You want to get started managing your busy life with less stress

Organize, Optimize and Take Charge Now Program is best for you if:

  • You want to build productive habits to shift from chaos to calm
  • You want to stay accountable to yourself and your family with kindness and respect
  • You need to simplify your life to get things done
  • You want to problem-solve to have a peaceful home with less stress

Make it Stick, Maintain and Stay on Track Program is ideal for you if:

  • You need to establish and maintain new tools and systems that stick
  • You need to get centered on tackling one task or project at a time, and develop a better understanding of how your circumstances impact you or your child
  • You want to learn from your mistakes and accomplishments without judgment, and give yourself permission to celebrate your successes
  • You want to get clarity you can apply with consistency to have a life that’s compatible with what’s important to you
No-Risk Guarantee

I want you to feel comfortable with your decision to work with me, so my no-risk guarantee is:

  1. I offer a complimentary mini coaching session so you can sample how I work.
  2. You get my “Pull the Ripcord Promise” on my programs. Depending on the program, after the first session (or hour), you can “pull the ripcord” and parachute out of our work together with no further obligation. A small administrative fee may apply in some cases.
  3. I will not accept you as a client unless I am convinced that I can help you and that my service is right for you

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