Does this sound like you or someone close to you?


• I’m busy all day long but I’m not getting anything done.

• I don't know how long things take.

• Everything takes longer than I expect.

• It's tough to follow a schedule and it just doesn't work anyway.

• I wish I had time to do what I want to do.

• My email runs my day.

• I get into a zone, then miss deadlines.

• I can’t get off the late treadmill.

• I worry I let people down.

• I’ve lost control of my time and my life.


Are you frustrated, stressed, and conflicted about how to manage your time?


Living in constant and persistent battles with time can correlate with:


• academic problems

• work-related difficulties

• shame and feelings of unworthiness

• lack of motivation and boredom

• perfectionism

• fear of failure

• procrastination

• sleep problems

• excessive internet use or escapist-type behaviors




….Calmly moving through your day and prioritizing what's important - including you

….Letting go of time robbers and thought bandits and any associated thoughts and feelings 

….Getting the guidance and support you need to live the life you want



ADHD and Time Management

Take Control of Your Time for More Joy with ADHD! 


During this online video course for adults and parents of complex kids of any age, you get the knowledge, skills, and accountability you need to take on your challenges by:

• Discover how to shift your mindset related to time, so you let go of any guilt and shame and gain more agency and freedom

• Learn about ADHD and its distinct relationship to time, and what goes on in the ADHD brain

• Target specific systems and strategies for consistent time awareness and dependable time management   

• Master a clear ADHD-friendly path to having control over your time and your life so you can live with more joy every day.


Time management is a skill you can learn! You'll come away with a time management game plan that works specifically with the ADHD brain!


ADHD and Time Management: Take Control of Your Time for More Joy with ADHD will support you to:


• Create concrete steps to develop time awareness

• Uncover your strengths in managing time and schedules 

• Become more accountable to yourself and others 

• Work with your brain to stay motivated 

• Develop ways to prioritize the change you want

• Identify personalized action steps to get there

• Gain clarity to maintain time management success with less chaos, more ownership, more calm .... and more!


30-Day. Risk. Free. If you decide this class is not right for you, you have 30 days for fees to be totally refunded. You also have the option to apply the funds to private coaching, even if it's only a one-time session. 


Course Details: 


WHAT YOU GET: Self-Paced video series, downloadable materials you keep FOREVER ..... and more! 

WHERE: The link is below! 

WHY: Because you're worth it, your family is worth it, because you want to get the knowledge and support you need, and because now is the time to make it happen.

BONUS: Downloadable materials you can keep FOREVER .... and more!!




Cheryl Susman is a fantastic coach. My daughter and I both have ADHD, and my life has changed in so many positive ways since I started working with Cheryl a little over a year ago. Prior to working with Cheryl I was constantly overwhelmed by work, parenting, and running a household. I didn't take good care of myself physically and struggled to set boundaries with other people. A year later I no longer feel overwhelmed, as Cheryl helped me develop systems to complete all the tasks I need to do at home, significantly increase my productivity at work, and reduce my stress related to parenting. She also helped me develop routines for self-care and boundaries. I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been and I attribute much of that to Cheryl and her excellent coaching. She is worth every penny!

  -Alexandria Warren

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