Welcome to the Cheryl Susman ADHD Coaching Learning Center!

As a wife and mother to my wonderful husband and now adult kids with executive functioning challenges and ADHD, I'm familiar with the stress and frustrations that can come with ADHD and related conditions.

I'm committed to helping other parents and adults who are confronting what I've experienced in my own family.

In my journey, I’ve found it tremendously valuable to have access to realistic, practical tools for living with ADHD and related conditions from trusted sources who have lived experience (and still do)!?

That’s why I created the Cheryl Susman ADHD Coaching Learning Center.

Come on over and take one of these courses: (See you in class)!

Are You...

Stumped Executing What’s Important to You?

Boost Your Executive Functioning >>

Are You...

Stuck Getting and
Staying Organized?

Organize, Optimize, Take Charge of your ADHD Now! >>

Are You...

Are You Constantly Fighting Battles With Time?

ADHD and Time
Management >>

Are You...

Overwhelmed and
Living with ADHD?

Master Living with


Cheryl is known as the ADHD Coach who transforms lives from chaos to calm.

She is recognized for her ability to demystify life with ADHD with easy-to-understand strategies. Her clients like that Cheryl helps them take the “boring” out of overcoming distractions that get them stuck, so they can use ADHD-friendly systems that work with their unique brains.

   - Victoria Cook, Cary, Illinois

"One of the best decisions we’ve made on our self-improvement journey was engaging Cheryl Susman.

Cheryl has the right balance of issue identification, technical expertise, and practical experience to accelerate your personal progress."

   - Marc and Alicia Belton, Chicago, Illinois

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