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  • ADHD in Relationships: How to Overcome Frustration Now!

    Living with ADHD can contribute to misunderstandings, frustration, and resentment in relationships. It's important to understand that the symptoms of ADHD aren’t what’s causing challenges, but rather how each person responds to the symptoms. The first step to transforming your relationships, whether it be with a partner, child, or colleague, is to understand how ADHD is showing up. 

  • Overcome Hidden Obstacles Living With ADHD

    For people with ADHD, motivation for satisfying intentions, goals and commitments can become muddied by self-judgment, self-criticism, and underlying messages that “I’m not good enough.”  

  • Stuck in the Dependency Trap? Launch Your Adult with ADHD

    As parents we know all too well how living with our complex kids have shaped our lives. We are used to fiercely advocating and navigating our lives around our kids’ needs. But over time, our well-meaning, painstaking and often enervating accommodation routines can unintentionally strengthen dependency. 

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