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on Thursday, May 2, Noon CST

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Send Me Your Questions, conundrums, challenges, and problems for us to solve. 


WHY an Ask Me Anything Event? 
For you to ask me your burning questions, live, or by email or text about living with ADHD & neurodiversity, parenting, being an entrepreneur with ADHD, launching your young adult, ADHD coaching, or anything you've always wanted to ask. Now's your opportunity!


HOW can I ask my questions?
Send me your questions in advance by email so I can make sure YOUR questions are answered. 


ATTEND the live meeting: Get your answers clarified; ask follow-up questions. You can also ask your questions live. 

"I can't attend live, but I have lots of burning questions."

Email your questions before the meeting and I will answer them during the meeting.


A recording will be available for all who register.


BONUS: ATTEND LIVE for a special surprise gift you can use instantly! 


Here are some sample questions to get you started:

I’ve never done coaching before. How does it work?

How can my kid be so smart and so disorganized?

How can I de-stress when life is so chaotic?

I have trouble motivating. I'm constantly procrastinating. How can I get started?

How can I get my adult child off the couch?

How can I stop myself from getting distracted? 

What kind of testing do I need to get an ADHD evaluation, and when should I get evaluated?

I lose it when my kids make me crazy. What can I do? 

How do I convince my child/significant other to get coaching? 

I struggle with whether I’m enabling or supporting. How can I tell the difference? 


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