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ADHD Coaching Chaos to Clarity Session:

What you need to know now:


What is an ADHD Coaching Chaos to Clarity Session?

An ADHD Coaching Chaos to Clarity Session is an evaluative session where we identify the strengths, challenges and opportunities of your current situation. This 60-minute meeting will uncover the key information to determine your options for success.


You’re going to the mechanic to discover why your car is idling, your gears aren’t shifting, and what’s causing an irritating grinding sound when you accelerate. Your mechanic asks you some questions, gives you a loaner, fixes the problems, and assists you with a program for future upkeep.

That’s exactly what this meeting is like, but you don’t need to worry about cars, gears, or grinding noises. We look at what’s going on so you can start on a program for fixing the problems that are sabotaging your success.

Please note: we don’t “fix” the problems during this meeting. Instead, we identify the real challenges getting in your way and get you started on designing a personalized plan of action for the solution(s). Some fixes are easy, but most take time, effort and practice.

Totally. Risk. Free. If we decide to work together, fees for this session will be applicable toward any coaching program.

Specifically we will:

  • Clarify your vision for what you most want to achieve.
  • Establish your preliminary areas of focus and corresponding goals for our coaching.
  • Uncover hidden challenges and blind spots getting in the way of your success.
  • Begin designing a personalized strategic plan specific to your goals.

How Does it Work?

First, you schedule a session by registering online or by calling my office to book a time at 847-757-8780.

Once our meeting date and time is confirmed you receive a confirmation by email with a some questions to help you prepare before our meeting. Why do YOU need to prepare? Because advance preparation is the best way to get the most from our meeting.

It’s important to understand that this meeting is not a strategy meeting, but a meeting to discover ways to get your situation into shape, and identify a list of improvements to set you up for success.

Can this meeting be recorded?

Yes, if you want, you will get an MP3 of the session when we meet by phone or virtually. You are also welcome to bring a device to record our sessions in my office.

What you get:

  • A private session with my full attention and honest evaluation of where you are now and what will happen if nothing changes.
  • Suggestions for a personalized plan of action going forward.
  • An audio recording of the session if, you desire, for meetings by phone or virtually.
  • A follow-up email with a link to the audio of your session.
  • Subscription to my Quick Tips/Collected Wisdom.
  • My 3-part Guarantee (see below).

Format: One private meeting scheduled by phone or at my office.

Fees: 60 minutes = $175 Value

Date/Time: Your private meeting scheduled at our mutual convenience

Ideal for you if you’re a: Parent, Adult or Emerging Adult living with ADHD or related challenges, who wants to evaluate your current situation by identifying your strengths, challenges and opportunities for having a peaceful home and living the life you want with less stress.

Payment: Payment to be made in advance of the session. Once payment is received you will get your questions by email for advance preparation of the session. Note: If we decide we are a good fit, fees for this session will be applied toward any coaching program you choose

What you will experience: One 1:1 ADHD Coaching Chaos to Clarity Session with Cheryl Susman, founder of Cheryl Susman ADHD Coaching, for the challenges and opportunities you present, plus my personal suggestions for determining your plan of action for success.

No-Risk Guarantee

I want you to feel comfortable with your decision to work with me, so my no-risk guarantee is:

  1. I offer articles and tools on my website, so you can sample my style, philosophies, and approach.
  2. You get my “Pull the Ripcord Promise” on my programs. Depending on the program, after the first session (or hour), you can “pull the ripcord” and parachute out of our work together with no further obligation. A small administrative fee may apply in some cases.
  3. I will not accept you as a client unless I am convinced that I can help you and that my service is right for you

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