Is Parenting Your Complex Child

(ADHD, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities and more...)

Overwhelming You?

Are you frustrated, concerned, and unsure of how to get better results?



….Having a calm and peaceful home with less stress

….Helping your complex child gain skills towards independence that can be transformed into actions

….Getting the guidance and personalized support you need with like-minded parents that brings back the joy and fun for you and your family


The Partnering with Parents of Complex Kids

Parent Support Group 


During this six-session bi-monthly parent support group for parents of complex kids of school age to young adult, you get the connection, skills and accountability you need to take on your challenges by:

• Learning about targeted strategies that work to build stronger relationships in your family

• Discovering skills to help you and your child of any age cope with the daily management of your child’s challenges

• Focusing on your child’s strengths and what your child CAN do rather than your child’s limitations and what he CAN’T do

• Living with less stress, more peace and calm, and reconnecting to the joys of parenting 

• Developing ways to prioritize the change you want

• Identifying personalized action steps to get there

• Examining obstacles that may get in the way

• Hearing what works for other parents

• Having a network of support to keep you from getting mired in self-defeat

Totally. Risk. Free. If you decide group support is not right for you, fees will be totally refunded less session one. You also have the option to apply the funds to private coaching, even if it's only a one-time session.

Here are some of the topics we can cover together: Mom and Daughter on Piggy Back in Sun

The Impact of the Executive Functioning Challenges: you’ll develop an understanding of how to help your child of any age and your family, depending on their challenges and strengths, and you’ll look at your own executive functioning too!

Expectations: managing expectations for your child to actively gain skills to become independent and self-sufficient, as well as your expectations for yourself 

Motivation: you’ll tap into what motivates you and your child for change to occur, and to bring out the best in you and your family

Boundaries: we’ll look at setting and holding parental boundaries as well as the boundaries you set for yourself

Time Management: we’ll examine the “busy-ness” of your family system, and helping your child of any age manage their time at or away from home, so you and they can stick to what’s important 

Decisions: we’ll look at streamlining decision-making so that decisions are made calmly and consistently, and so you can help your child make decisions as well 

Triggers: we’ll discuss recognizing triggers, managing them, and implementing consistent ways to overcome these cycles for more peace at home

Communication: you’ll ease conflicts more effectively, and problem-solve to have a peaceful home with less stress

Self-Care: is about refueling yourself, so you can be yourself and have the emotional bandwidth to be on top of your game for everyone else 

Challenges with Disorganization: using a plan to get things done, making chores into routines, and understanding your relationship to things to assist you and your child in organization and productivity

Homework/Responsibility Challenges: supporting your child to get started and follow through on homework, projects, and assignments, how to handle “I’ve got it covered,” or “I don’t have any,” fostering independence, and enabling vs. supporting.

Advocacy: How to support your child to advocate for him/her/themselves, especially when school is online or reduced for in-person class time, and how to get the support you need for your child in these uncertain times.

Challenges with Sleep: how to support your child with healthy sleep hygiene, getting to bed on time and staying in bed.

Technology: How to get your child to comply with healthy tech. behavior, consistency with technology, tech. boundaries, and how to enforce them. 

Sibling Battles: How to handle consistent fighting, guilt of evening out attention, sibling competition. 

And more…!

Here's what you get: 

 Private Pre-Group Interview: where we identify the challenges and opportunities of your current situation to see if you're a good fit by registering online for a complimentary 15-minute consultation or by calling my office at 847-757-8780. This meeting is not mandatory if you participated in the complimentary preview, or are a current or previous client. 

 Six 75-minute bi-monthly sessions to learn skills, answer questions, get feedback from like-minded parents 

 Reduced Pricing for Private Coaching with Cheryl Susman ADHD & Productivity Coach and Educational Therapist 

 Private Facebook Group Membership to exchange ideas and receive resources

Subscription to “Collected Wisdom Tips,” practical and realistic tools you can use right away.

Unlimited email and voicemail check-ins - convenient, brief communication when you need it.

Targeted, personalized support and guidance from Cheryl Susman, owner and founder of Cheryl Susman ADHD Coaching.

• The time and space to focus on motivating and accomplishing what you want for yourself and your family.

Totally. Risk. Free. I invite you to try out a session at our Complimentary Preview!  

Here's What Happens:

1. Celebrations:  Each participant shares what's working or what they'd like to celebrate or what they've accomplished or learned over the past several weeks. Feedback will be given if time permits.  

2. Topic: Each month we discuss and share a new skill, resource, or strategy you can put into practice right away. 

3. Partnering and Support: Each member has their own time to get feedback, brainstorming, and ideas on a topic of their choice. Until you experience this for yourself, you may not realize how much value you get from listening to others partnering on their topics and receiving support. SUPER powerful! 

4. Wrap-Up: Feedback, accountabilities, and take-aways.

You'll find you'll give the best of yourself to you and your family!  

Program Details: 


WHAT YOU GET: Six bi-monthly 75-minute parent support group sessions; learn skills and strategies, get your questions answered, receive support, share ideas, get unlimited email and voicemail check-ins, access to Private Facebook Group and more! 

WHERE: Virtually on Zoom 

WHY: Because your family is worth it, because you want to get the support you need for you and your complex child, and because now is the time to make it happen, especially in these unsettling times.

WHEN:  Fall '20: September 16, 30, October 7 & October 21, November 4 & 18 at 12 – 1:15 CST;

(Note your time zone: 10 am PST/ 11 am MST/ 1 pm EST).

BONUS: Group Membership Reduced Pricing for Private Coaching 

INVESTMENT: Introductory Offer of $47 per month paid in advance to hold your spot

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Sign up for TWO MONTHS in advance, get the THIRD MONTH FREE!  

HOW TO START: Contact me by calling my office or registering online for a complimentary 15-minute consult so we can see if you're a good fit. I invite you to register for a complimentary preview here!  

No-Risk Guarantee

I want you to feel comfortable with your decision to work with me, so my no-risk guarantee is:

  1. I offer articles and tools on my website, so you can sample my style, philosophies, and approach.
  2. You get my “Pull the Ripcord Promise” on my programs. Depending on the program, after the first session (or hour), you can “pull the ripcord” and parachute out of our work together with no further obligation. A small administrative fee may apply in some cases.
  3. I will not accept you as a client unless I am convinced that I can help you and that my service is right for you

Call 847-757-8780 or
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