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De-clutter, stay motivated, stay organized

Planning, prioritizing, and decision-making are among the biggest challenges for people with chronic disorganization and distractibility, especially for parents who are often in charge of organizing not only themselves but their families as well. Clutter and clutter blindness can stress a family. Time management and family calendaring can be endless and complicated, as each individual strives to balance his or her own needs with those of the family.

Does this sound like you or your family situation?

  • I’m constantly misplacing my keys and my phone, especially when I’m scrambling to get out the door.
  • I have trouble tuning into things. I feel bombarded by loud noises, voices and sounds that compete for my attention.
  • When I try to sort papers, I get bogged down by reading all the articles.
  • I can’t wrap my head around large projects.
  • I can’t seem to teach my family to put their stuff away. I don’t know where to start.
  • I have so many important items I want to keep that I’m running out of storage space. I know I have to decide about letting go of things, but everything is so important and meaningful to me.
  • My work space is getting so cluttered that it's stressful and time consuming to find things.
  • It’s a nightmare keeping track of each of our appointments and deadlines.
  • I have so many important items that I'm running out of storage space. I have to decide about letting go of things, but everything is so important to me.

As your organizer coach, we work together to shed light on what’s behind your challenges with stuff, time, and organization. With this awareness, we identify effective strategies and develop new habits for saving time, maintaining order and clearing the visual and mental clutter in your life.

Organizer Coaching will help you to:

  • Become more aware of how you work best.
  • Deepen your understanding of what motivates you.
  • Discover your strengths and optimal learning styles.
  • Make sense of your relationship to things.
  • Design systems that work with your unique brain wiring.
  • Learn new ways to work with procrastination, perfectionism and staying on task.
  • Change your perspective when you feel stuck.
  • Use time as your greatest resource.
  • Recognize patterns and replace them with habits that support what matters most to you.
  • Create calm in your life.

As your Organizer Coach you can expect me to:

  • Draw from my experience in special education, coaching and professional productivity and organizing.
  • Listen patiently with a nonjudgmental ear.
  • Guide you through decisions you feel comfortable with.
  • Share knowledge that will help you move forward with confidence.
  • Keep our sessions strictly confidential
  • Offer a fresh perspective on challenges and opportunities.


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