Parent Coaching

Increase motivation, ease conflicts, enhance family time

Parenting complex children is challenging in many ways. We may question their behavior, and we may doubt our parenting. We can be puzzled by their difficulties with solving problems and being flexible. We want to interact with them in an affirming manner that is helpful and inclusive. Our emerging adult children don't mean to frustrate us, yet it can be a struggle to respond to them in a way that creates change. This can be isolating for us, because family, friends, teachers and strangers may not understand our challenges.

Does this sound like you?

  • My son is having trouble waking up in the mornings. I worry that if I don't wake him he'd be late for school and lose his job on the weekends.
  • My daughter can't seem to keep track of her stuff. What's my role in helping her manage this?
  • He sits around all day playing video games. When is he going to do something with his life and what can I do to support him?
  • I can't get her to help out with household chores.
  • My daughter feels I’m critical of everything she does.
  • How do I get my kids to listen without them feeling like I’m interfering?

Parent coaching helps you focus on you and your child’s needs today so that you can move forward with less stress and more joy in your lives. Together we develop a coach approach to parenting that empowers you to recognize your child’s strengths, set reachable goals, and celebrate their successes.

Parent coaching will help you to:

  • Understand the challenges affecting your son or daughter, cognitively, behaviorally and emotionally.
  • Gain knowledge and insights to parent with confidence.
  • Discover your optimal parenting style.
  • Open the lines of communication to listen with empathy and curiosity and ease conflicts.
  • Improve problem-solving and seek solutions.
  • Enhance family time management, planning and organization.

Providing you with the opportunity to share your experiences, we work together to support you to find your own best answers. We explore strategies that align with your values to bring out the best in you and your family.

As your coach, you can expect me to:

  • Draw from my experience in education, coaching, and professional productivity and organizing.
  • Listen patiently with a nonjudgmental ear.
  • Guide you through decisions.
  • Share knowledge to help you move forward with confidence.
  • Keep our sessions strictly confidential.
  • Offer a fresh perspective on challenges and opportunities.
  • Open the lines of communication to listen with empathy and curiosity, and ease conflicts.
  • Improve problem-solving and seek solutions to increase motivation.

Try to see your child as a seed that came in a packet without a label. Your job is to provide the right environment and nutrients and to pull the weeds. You can't decide what kind of flower you'll get or in which season it will bloom. – A modern educator, In The Blessing of A Skinned Knee, Wendy Mogel